Trenchless Engineering MUD Pump quotation

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NanJing YaLong Petrochemical Equipment Technology Co.,LTD ---- We are a professional high-pressure reciprocating pump designer and manufacturer and export our self-own brands to the USA, Japan, Germany and Southeast Asia. Relying on our more than 25 years of experience in this field, we provide you with quality service!
Certified by the ISO9001, we have powerful technical force, a perfect quality assurance system and excellent after-sales service. We design and produce in strict accordance with the national standard GB/T9234-2008 and the American standard API674.
As follows:
3W Series Triplex Plunger Pump,5W Series Quintuple Plunger Pump;3NB Series Triplex Piston Pump,5NB Series Quintuple Piston Pump;3GP/5GP Series High Pressure Steam Boiler Feedwater Pump,3WG /5WG Series High Pressure Boiler Feedwater Pump;3W /5W Series High Pressure Cleaning Pump;3SY Series Reciprocating Oil(Crude Oil)Transportation Pump; 3RC/5RC Series CO2 Injection Pump,3CQ Series CO2 Supercritical Extraction Pumps.
They are used for:
Water Injection Pump,High Pressure Reciprocating Oil(Crude Oil)Transportation Pump, Liquefied CO2 Injection Pump,High Pressure Steam Boiler Feed Water Pump,CO2 Supercritical Extraction Pump, High Pressure Mud Pump, Ammonia Water Pump, High Pressure Scale-Washing Pump, High Pressure Cleaning Units, Pressure Test Pump, Copper Liquid Pumps,Detergent Slurry Pumps, Sea Water Pump (pump used in desalination of sea water), High Pressure Dephosphorizing Pump,Chemical Feeding Pump,Increase Pressure Water Pump,Ejection Pump,Hyper Pressure Pump and Polymer Injection Pump.Trenchless Engineering MUD Pump quotation

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