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About Us
JDK is professional manufacturer focused on men’s care products since 2007 in Shenzhen, China.
With over 13years’ experience in manufacturing, JDK owned experiment workers with exquisite craft and production processing technology skills.  JDK only offer high quality products.
The main products are shaving brush, shaving brush set, razors, barbershop tools and etc.
JDK have many many long-termed cooperated customers over the world, include United States, Germany , Britain , Poland , Russia, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia , Brazil and other countries. As a reliable manufacturer of TOP 10 Shaving tools suppliers in China , JDK have many customers all over the world.
The customers grows , JDK grows. So we believe any small business would grow big one day. So we try our best to support every our customer, even her/his first order quantity is under our MOQ.
We provide JDK brand products, OEM brand service, high quality products and service after sale.
We are in pursuit of perfect, it is this perfectionism craftsman spirit let us continue to grow.
High Quality -- Guaranteed
Leadtime -- Guaranteed
Customer’s profit -- Guaranteed
Prompt Reply ---Guaranteed
Please feel free to contact us.
WhatsApp: +8613751123320
Skype: ira.dengTravel Foldable Mini Shaver suppliers

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