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Mini Foldable Grill
Mini Foldable Grill is an easy to carry but heavy-duty piece of BBQ equipment. It is super easy to assemble yet very sturdy, and it cooks well.
● It is designed for extreme portability and easy storage.
● Chef-grade stainless steel to last the test of fire and time.
● The sides enhance ventilation to ensure a stable and strong fire.
● Cooks evenly. Easy to care for and store.
Product Name QCSEIKO BBQ Charcoal Grill
Material Stainless Steel
Package Includes Instruction booklet x1, Grill Grate x1, Storage Bag x1
Package 1 pc/box
Fuel Type Charcoal
Models Explorer Model Camping Model Party Model
Working Dimensions 325 x 215 x 150mm 425 x 215 x 150mm 325 x 325 x 150mm
Storage Dimensions 325 x 215 x 20mm 425 x 215 x 20mm 325 x 325 x 20mm
Weight 2.4Kg 3.0Kg 3.5Kg
Easy to Follow Assemble Procedure

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