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سوال شده 20 شهریور 1398 توسط antiunquesou (300 امتیاز)
Appearance: blue powder
Class or Division: 6.1
UN No.: 3027
Packing Group: II
Package: 25kg/drum
Active ingredients: Coumatetralyl 0.75% w/w.
Multiple feed anti-coagulant rodenticide making it safer to non-target animals (that might eat the dead rats).
Unique formulation - easy to use, economical and flexible formulation.
Usage:Place 20 g at the entrance of rat burrows. Inspect the treated burrows and replenish when necessary. Replace missing baits when acceptance is less or finish.
First-aid: Vitamin K1
ItemsStandard Value
Content of Active Ingredient (Coumatetralyl) (%)≥0.75
PH Value5.0~8.0
Dry loss(%)≤1.0Pesticides factory

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