230V Fridge Guard Protector Made in China

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Customized 230V Fridge Guard
Without doubt, power interruptions cause major problems for home and business computing. An unpredictable power supply can lead to worrying problems events such as surges, spikes, brownouts and utility failures. If any of these should occur, there`s a strong chance you will suffer form loss of critical data, lowered productivity and even damage to your expensive equipment.
1.Customized 230V Fridge Guard
NameCustomized 230V Fridge Guard
MaterialPC, ABS, Copper
ColorAs the picture
Nominal Voltage230V
Current rating30Amps
Mains Spike Response  Time≤10ns
Spike protection160J
Wait time(user adjustable)10s to 10mins
Warranty2 years
The AVS30 micro is an Automatic Voltage Switcher rated at 30 Amps.The AVS will switch off the equipment connected to it if the mains power goes outside pre-set acceptable limits,and will reconnect automatically when the mains power returns to normal. Reconnection takes place after a delay, to ensure stability of the mains.The new version of the AVS has a built-in microprocessor that adds advanced features.These include;
By adding microprocessor control to the AVS30,you can enjoy advanced functions which include;
Variable time delay(see P1 in diagram 2)
Variable Low voltage disconnect level
Variable High voltage disconnect level
Variable Blind time,Response time to under voltage disconnect level
All these new features can be set at installation time.
The AVS30 Micro has a reset button on the front panel.This button will eliminate delay time.
5 LEDs to indicate the state of the mains supply.
Make sure that your load does not exceed the rating of the AVS which 30Amps.
The limits of the AVS as a standard are set for a window of 190-260 volts.
The AVS has to be wired to the mains supply and to the equipment it is supplying,please refer to the wining diagram on diagram 2 below.
On first switching on,there will be no output for the wait time of approximately three minutes(or as set on `Wait` control)while the AVS monitors the mains.
To by –pass the wait time,press the re-set button on the front panel of the AVS30.
If a different wait time is required,the change the settings on potentiometer marked WAIT.Settings are available in increments up to 10 minutes.
You can also set the WAT dial to MAN.While on Manual the AVS30 will not reconnect the mains unless the Reset button is pressed.For that period the yellow LED indicates that the mains are within acceptable limits, after which the green LED goes on and the load is connected.
A  longer under voltage blind time can be set if high lasd in-rush currents causes the supply voltage to dip below the low cut off voltage at start-up.
Under voltage blind time means the AVS ignores any under voltage conditions during this time.
The AVS will not switch off unless the under voltage last longer than the blind time.
It is recommended that the AVS is kept switched on,and the appliance switched on and off to prevent activating the time delay every time the appliance is switched on.
Remove the bottom cover to obtain access to connection terminals.TO remove bottom cover remove the two white caps and then undo the two screws.
Insert cable form the mains supply through the left hand cable gland and connect to the AVS30 Input terminals.(Refer to connection terminals layout diagram 2 below).
Insert appliance cable through right hand cable gland and connect to the AVS30 output terminals.
Tighten the Cordgrip Bushes and return the front cover and two screws and screw caps.
In the upper compartment of the AVS,you will find a fuse (see diagram below).The fuse is not for the load.It is a spike protection fuse.Replace if it gets damaged.(0.5A Antl surge).
TO gain access to the upper compartment,ENSURE THAT THE AVS30 IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE MAINS.Remove the screws form the back.
The AVS must be mounted securely on a wall.Place it over one screw at the top and then use the two mounting holes in the terminal compartment.
The supply to the AVS30 must be protected with a fuse or circuit breaker rated at 30A or less.230V Fridge Guard Protector Made in China

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