Composite Post Insulator Composite Post Insulator

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15kV polymeric composite post insulators and other station silicone post insulators are manufactured according to IEC61952 standards and used on stations and disconnect switches, etc.
1.Technical data of 15KV post composite insulator
TypeRated voltage
(kV)Rated mechanical bending load
(kN)Structure height
(mm)Min nominal creepage distance
(mm)1min power frequency wet withstand voltage (kV)Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage peak value (kV)
FZ-15 / 915925545045110

Insulator Material:
◆ HTV silicone rubber for composite insulator housing
◆ FRP rod for insulator core.
◆ End fittings is with HDG steels or aluminum alloy with high mechanical strength

Advantage of our Composite Insulator:
◆ Most advanced technology and latest workmanship.
◆ Zero accident for Europe utilities like Greece, Spain for more than 500,000pcs.
◆ Extra long warrantee period: 15 years
◆ Each composite polymer insulators is tested before shipment.
◆ We are the only one insulator maker that can produce all insulator materials at same time.
◆ Almost 20 years experience with insulators, surge arresters and fuse cutouts.
Production Facility:
Storage Facilities:
Testing Facilities:Composite Post Insulator

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