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▲ Our History
SKXF (Shenke xinFei Technology CO., LTD ) It was established in Shenzhen in May 2015.
The factory moved to Huizhou in 2016, the factory about 10000 square meters, there are15 production lines each about 30 meters, about 400 workers, We have strong R&D team, the mainly product: Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, voice speaker, smart watch and other innovative new products, company has a number of outstanding talents who have been engaged in technology and management work in the well-known audio industry for a long time. According to the requirements of ISO 9001 strictly in the management procedure, the factory consists of R&D department, quality control department, production department, business department and four major departments. All employees are trained strictly before taking up their posts, and their quality is excellent.
At present, Our mainly clients including Wal-Mart, Shanhai GM, BMW,Buick, Ott Bluestar, Cadillac, Fenda....
▲ Our Factory
SKXF (Shenke xinFei Technology CO.,LTD ), Our factory about 3000 square meters, about 400 workers, 12 high tech engineers, 15 assemble lines, 8 8 automatic STM machines, the Annual output over two hundred million RMB, We are good at ODM/OEM order.
▲ Our Product
Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, voice speaker, smart watch, novelty light, Mobile rack and other innovative new products. Welcome ODM/OEM cooperation.
▲ Product Application
Consumer electronics apply to people life, also good for gifts
▲ Our Certificate
Amfori BSCI, ISO9001, CE,ROSH
▲ Production Market
2018 year, work with Wal-Mart, Shanhai GM,, BMW,Buick, Ott Bluestar,Cadillac, Fenda and other small company, the Annual output about two hundred million RMB
▲ Our Service
We are good at ODM/OEM design and orders, we have strong teams of Research and development, about 4000 Square meter factory, with strict quality control system and satisfactory after-sale service, welcome your inquiry about product and cooperation.
If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.Bluetooth Speaker manufacturers

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