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▲ Our History
Wuxi Ever-Grill Metal Products Co., Ltd was established in 2016. Now company has plants over 2000 Sq Meters, after more than two years of efforts, our company has begun to take shape and now has 2 experienced engineers and 30 skilled technical workers, they good at the sheet metal working, especially the stainless steel parts processing.
Wuxi Ever-Grill Metal Products Co., Ltd Company mainly produce the outdoor BBQ equipment(including stainless steel gas grill 、charcoal grill and the stainless steel grill accessories ).
We’re now working on the improvement of our management system, in order to enhance our own ability in this field. And with good quality, reasonable price, good service and honor business, Since its establishment, our company has been committed to developing cooperative relations with foreign customers.
▲ Our Product
Outdoor kitchen cabinet, charcoal grill, gas grill, wood fireplace, stainless steel BBQ accessories.
▲ Product Application
Our stainless steel oven and outdoor door cabinet are mainly used in outdoor kitchen and family gathering
▲ Production Equipment
Spot welding machine, argon welding machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine, welding machine, punching machine, drilling machine, polishing machine, welding processor machine.
▲ Production Market
The main sales markets of our company's products are the United States and some Oceania countries, such as Australia and New Zealand. Since 2018, our company has begun to increase the development of the European market, and so far there have been some preliminary results.
▲ Our Service
Our company provides good pre-sale and after-sale service for our customers. Before sales, we can not only provide samples, but also provide professional technical consulting services. In the production process of the product, we will strictly control every production process according to the customer's order requirements, to produce quality products. At the same time, We guarantee to provide good after-sales service for customers.Round Pizza Stone For Oven manufacturers

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