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Our History
In 1986- Mould Engineer, Mr Wang Yonghu established Goldea.
In 1998- Goldea is the first factory to make the environmental laminated door in China .
In 2000- Goldea developed bathroom furniture, and became the pioneer in producing bathroom furniture in China.
In 2003- Goldea becomes the biggest company in China of producing PVC laminated door and Related Material.
In 2009- Goldea was recognized as "Zhejiang Export Brand-Name", and it became one of the fresh troops that support Foreign Trade Development in Zhejiang, even in China.
In 2012- exporting to more than 70 countries, and reaching 1200 shops. In domestic, its shops cover 80% province, and become the leader of Wooden Furniture Industry.
In 2015- Goldea cooperated with Reivilo--Franch top designer company, to create global fashion.
Our Factory
Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co.,Ltd.,(short for Goldea )founded in 1986, is a professional manufacturer, dealing with R&D, production and sale of top-grade bathroom furniture and interior door.
Why choose Goldea?
30 years manufacturing experience, 5 years warranty, to reduce your clients' claim
France design team, High-grade and fashion design, to help you increase profits and avoid price war
Three manufacturing bases, faster delivery time.
Offer on-site service for VIP project, to solve you worries
One stop solution for home decoration, Saving your time and energy.
Our Product
As a leading bathroom furniture manufacturer and founder of laminated door in China, Goldea is a private enterprise of abundant funds, advanced technology and machines. Our products range from bathroom cabinets, interior door, wardrobe and flooring. We devoted ourselves to offer one stopping for whole household furniture, special for panel furnitureChina Custom Interior Doors manufactures

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