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Product Introduction
Godsend's 3.2V 16Ah LFP battery cell is designed with high rate capability up to 20C.  GSF46160P-16 is widely applied in electrical vehicle, hybrid electrical vehicle, electrical motorcycle, special electrical vehicle, domestic mobile power etc.
Item Specification
Model GSF46160P-16
Rated capacity 16Ah
Rated voltage 3.2V
Standard charge current 1C (16A)
Max. continuous discharge current 15C (240A)
Max. instant discharge current 20C (320A)
Impedance ≤1.3mΩ
Weight 555±10g
Dimensions Height:178±1mm
Operating temperature Charge:-20~45℃
Storage temperature -10~35℃
Ø  High power output
Ø  Wide working temperature range
Ø  Safety secure by over charge, over discharge, short circuit, mechanical shock and etc
Ø  Can be cycled in high-rate partial state of charge
Ø  Excellent calendar and cycle life
Ø  With our BMS, it can be charged under -20℃
Product Performance
Dicharge Rate Curves in Room Temperature
Cycle Life in 1C/1C Charge/Discharge Rate with 100% DOD in Room TemperatureChina Vehicle Battery

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