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High Efficacy LED Source
LED Street Light are using Lumileds Luminous source, providing excellent lumen output, long-lasting stability and splendid sight. The efficiency of 5050 chips is more than 185 lm/w.
High-end LED Driver
High-end MeanWell HLG Series Flicker free LED driver,Optimal stabilityperformance and lifespan.
Smooth body would greatly diminish dust accumulation and bird droppings heap up.
Easy Maintenance
Buckle for fixing heat sink could be opened without tools.
Variety of Mounting Methods
With different accessories, L series street light can support four different mouting methods, such as side entry mounted, post top mounted, suspended mounted and pendant mounted.
Variety Light Distribution
we provides different light distribution lens for the L Series street light to achieve best lighting effect in different applications.
Power-off Protection
Power would automatically be off once the fixture body opened.
Surge Protection Device
TUV approved 10KV surge protection device is the standard configuration in all of our LED Street Light.
Remote Smart Control System
we provides a total solution for intelligence street lighting system. Communication via GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA wireless network or cable network & monitor center and proceeds with communication via ZIGBEE/PLC/ROLA.Customized Garden Light

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