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Mould name :PPR  pipe fitting mould Socket
Type : water supply socket & reduced socket
Mould steel :2738
Mould life :1000000shots
Core pulling system:Hydraulic cylinders
Injection molding machine:Engel ES3550/550K
Gate system:Direct gate
Design software:AutoCAD/UG/Solidworks
Our Advantage for injection mould:
1. Huida Mould is  professional pipe fitting  mold manufacturer. We have 29 years of manufacturing experience. We have own management system. We can provide customer with high quality moulds and low cost.
2. Project analysis: We do detail analysis for every order ,, to make sure the project will be finished according to customer requests in time. And our mould analysts early predict the possible problem and prepare precautions accordingly, so mould production time and cost can be saved for customer.
Q: How about quality control in your factory?
A: We believe "Quality is above everything". We have professional team to control the quality. Our QC team mainly do the following procedures:
A) Design Optimize control
B) Mould steel hardness Inspection
C) Mould assembly Inspection
D) Mould trial report and samples Inspection
E) Final inspection for mould & packing before shipmentIf you have another question, pls feel free to contact us as below:
Q: If i provide you 3d drawing of my product, can you quote the price & make the mould as per the 3d drawing?
A:Yes.DWG, DXF, STEP, IGS and X_T files can all be used to quote price, make mould as per your models - This can save time and money in producing your parts.Pipe Fitting Mould manufacturers

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