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Our History
We are a Chinese company that manufactures advanced technical ceramics.
We do OEM service for more than 10 years in technical ceramic industry.
We respect to your inquiry and aspire to be your long time business partner.
We offer quality products with competitive price.
Our Factory
Yixing Success Technical Ceramics is a company very focusing on the high-tech ceramic manufacturing and developing. Depending on our professional design ability, and by using the high-purity raw material, stable sintering process and precision grinding technology, we offer the high quality products and service to customer.
Our Product
We offer customized ceramic components. Such as: Ceramic pistons, Ceramic sleeves, Ceramic rings, Ceramic valves, Ceramic blades, Ceramic bearings, ceramic pulleys, Ceramic thread guides, Ceramic rollers, Ceramic pins, Ceramic nozzles, ceramic screws, ceramic vacuum parts, ceramic insulators, ceramic plungers, ceramic laser con.
Product Application
Machine components, vacuum components, isolating, sealing, mixing, handing, cutting, high temperature, wear-resistant, laser cutting, semiconductor, water treatment, medical, oil and gas petrochemical, wind and solar power, forming, food and beverage
Production Equipment
Machine equipment:
Ceramic press:
1. Dry press machine form 3.5 tons to 160 tons.
2. CIP machine to 200 Mpa
3. Low press injection mould machine
Green machining:
1. CNC Lathe turning machine
2. Drilling machine
3. CNC 3 axis milling machine
4. Cutting machine
1. External grinding machine to 500mm diameter
2. Internal grinding machine to 300mm diameter
3. Surface grinder
4. Honing machine to 120mm diameter
5. Double side face grinder
6. One side lapping machine
7. Centerless grinder to 80mm diameter
8. 5 axis high speed milling machine
9. 3 axis high speed milling machine
Our Service
Steps in the ceramics manufacturing process:
Powder Preparation: Understanding how raw powder contributes to final properties of fired ceramics is key to providing component that meet the challenges of your application.
Forming: There are several basis forming methods such as dry press, CIP, injection mould.
Greening machining: The machining of a ceramic in the unfired state is called green machining. In order to minimize the grinding addition green machining ceramic before sintering is a economical process.
Firing: In order for ceramics to be hard and dense, they must be sintered, or fired to high temperatures for prolonged periods of time in gas or electric kilns.
Grinding/polishing and Cleaning: Diamond tool for grinding is the key process to meet the drawing requirement which is our strength. After grinding quality checking and cleaning is must done before shipping.Ceramic Rollers manufacturers

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