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Hydraulic Blowout Preventer System
SITAN Hydraulic blowout preventer system(BOP) is mainly used in the ground blowout preventer system of well logging and testing, serving as the pressure buffer and transition area of tool going through wellhead. When using the BOP system, the initial state of blowout preventer tube is horizontally placed. After operator connects tool string, zero overflow blowout preventer head and top sheave, power source is provided by electric hydraulic pump to realize the lifting of blowout preventer tube. Meanwhile, it utilizes hydraulic pressure to push piston to compact packing to achieve test technology of wellhead zero overflow. After using SITAN hydraulic blowout preventer system, crane and working on higher levels can be given up. It is simple and safe with low test cost.
1. Power source is provided by hydraulic pump to realize the lifting of blowout preventer tube.
2. BOP head has excellent sealing effect, lifting and dropping of cable are smooth, it can achieve test technology of zero overflow when testing.
3. Top/lower sheave has sufficient tensile strength and both have wire jumper resistant and position adjustment function.
4. Simple structure, simple carrying and operation, high safety and low cost.
5. SITAN Hydraulic blowout preventer system has superior advantages in the small space, especially in the worse environment of the logging and testing operation.
ModelYFJ-100 Hydraulic BOP Lift System
Cable type Φ3.5 and 5.6 cable (customizable for special demand)
Rated pressure 40MPa
BOP tube materialCarbon steel or stainless steel (customizable for special demand)
BOP tube diameter Φ56mm
Accommodated tool length <6m
Accommodated tool weight <100Kg
Applicable environmentOil well and water injection well
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