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Warehouse Mezzanine floor systems is extensively used in the condition of high warehouse, small goods, large quantities and manual access. It can make full use of the space and save warehouse area. It could be designed as single or multiple mezzanine, generally 2-3 layers, according to the actual field and specific requirements. It is specifically used for sorting storage of automotive fittings, electronic device fittings and electronic devices. It could carry less than 500kg per layer. The general ways of transportation from 2nd floor to 3rd floor are: manual, elevating table, hoisting machine, conveyor belt, and forklift truck, etc.
For indicating the space economization, mezzanine can be used in many conditions. By means of adding hoist, aisle self-lock, fireproof and many auxiliary devices. It can supply a big volume stereo storage settlement.
The basic elements for designing the Mezzanine Racking:
1. The dimension of the shelf (W*D*H);
2. Size of the warehouse (W*D*H better provide CAD layout);
3. Load capacity of each level for rack and of each square meter for floor;
4. How many levels you want;
5. Type of platformMezzanine manufacturers

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