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Basketball Finger Band Knitting Machine
Basketball finger band knitting machine applies cotton, polyester yarn to knit tube terry fabric. It is widely used as basketball finger band. It can protect fingers when play basketball.

Technical Parameters:
Cylinder Dia.
m/hHS Code

Main Features:
> Adopot computer system to control machine operations
> LCD screen switching between English and Chinse.
> Computer control buttons is changing over time.
> It is equipped with cloth roll stands and made in rolls.

Packaging & Shipping:
Net Weight
kgsGross Weight
kgsPacking Size/Volume
L(cm)xW(cm)xH(cm)Packing Volume

Basketball finger band knitting machine is packed in a plywood case.
Delivery time is approximate 30-35 days after obtaining advance payment.

Our Services:
> Basketball finger band knitting machine is suppling with samples.
> Free samples can be sent out in 3 days after confirming.Finger Band Knitting Machine suppliers

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