Painted Aluminum Coil For Roofing factory

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◆ Our History
Brief Development History
March, 1999
Co-established our first casting line with SWA
June, 2002
Imported 4500mm 1+4 hot rolling line from Germany SMS SIEMAG
May, 2003
Run 2450 mm cold rolling lines,
Dec. 2005
Start 1800 mm tension leveler lines and 1800 mm cut to length lines made in Germany
April, 2006
Run another two 1650 mm color coating lines
October, 2010
Mirach Coating sold 55% stock share to SINOLIGHT MATERIALS CORPORATION
Feb, 2015
SINOLIGHT-MIRACH mutually injected capital with Southwest Aluminum Group (SWA)
Our Product
PE coated aluminum coil, PVDF coated aluminum coil,
◆ Product Application
Mirach PE coated aluminum coil is widely used in building decoration, including aluminum composite panels, honey comb panels, ceilings, lighting decoration, roofing, food packaging etc.
Mirach PVDF color painted aluminum coil is regarded as the best quality material to make prime ACP, honey comb panels, which are laminated and widely used to decorate airport, commercial buildings, star hotels, exhibition halls etc.
◆ Our Certificate
ISO 9001:2008, FDA
◆ Production Equipment
We run a continuous high speed multi-layer coating line, a coil slitting and embossing line, a cut-to-length line, and an automated paint color mixing system.
◆ Production Market
Widely approved by clients in North America and South America regions.
◆ Our service
15-20 years guarantee for color coating, except for some rare bright colors.Painted Aluminum Coil For Roofing factory

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