wholesale 27 Inch Width Planer Polishing Sander

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Qingdao LINZE Woodworking Machinery Co,.Ltd ,a professional manufacturer of woodworking machinery was established in Qingdao Jinling Industrial Park in 1996. We have been endeavoring to satisfy the customized industry requirements since it setup .Now its production lines are abundant with wide range of sanders, coaters,dryers and auto spray painting systems.Widely used for solid wood, veneer board, shaving board, cement board. fibre board,middle-density fibrous board,melamine board,silicon calcium board.

Adhere to the principle of Creating Value for Customers, we offer
Pre-sales and after-sales tech support and have the R&D capacity to design the best solution for customers all over the world.By doing this to save every penny for customers.

LINZE pays more attention to QA controls and all products will be strictly inspected before leaving the factory. The main electronic components are imported from Germany and France.    

Customers from USA,Canada,UK, Russia,Poland,South Africa,UAE,Vietnam,Indonesia,India etc choose LINZE as partner. LINZE become famous for delivering the finest finish in the world.
Humbled by our steady growth, we will continue to provide our revolutionary finishing products to our customers.wholesale 27 Inch Width Planer Polishing Sander

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