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About Us        
Henan Weichuang Bearing Precision Technology Co.,Ltd.(WBM) was founded in 1988 which located in Lilou industrial zone, Luolong district, Luoyang, PRC. WBM is a professional provider of bearing cold heading dies, taper rollers, grinding tools and detection equipment and comprehensive service of consultation/trading in supply chain in bearing industry. Designing, production, sales, service and survey are all included in the quality management system. The plant is about 36300 ㎡. Nowadays, WBM has 80 patents for invention.
WBM has obtained the certificates of ISO9001:2000 and ISO/IATF16949, The outstanding reputation of WBM is built on our core managerial principles: technical innovation, high output quality and efficiency, honest working, meeting and beyond clients’ expectation.

Nature: Private(Family Control)
ISO9001:2000 in 2007
IATF16949 in 2013
ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 in 2017

Our History      

1988 Luoyang bearings mould co.,Ltd established

1993 Become the supplier of Rothe Erde GmbH(xuzhou)

2003 Named Luoyang weichuang bearings mould co., Ltd

2004 Awarded patent polit enterprise by henan intellectual property office

2004 Award Science-and-technology enterprise by henan Science and Technology Agency

2005 Phase I extension plant went into operation

2007 Got ISO9001

2009 Phase II extension plant went into operation

2012 Award henan famous brand

2013 Got IATF16949

2017 ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001
2017 Got the title of International High-Tech Enterprise

2018 We has officially changed its name from Luoyang bearings mould co.,Ltd to Henan Weichuang Bearing Precision Technology Co.,Ltd.

Our Vision

Promotion, Innovation, Manufacturing super quality,Leading the development of China bearings mold industry
Our Mission
Insisting on the concept of honest service and keeping improving;manufacturing each products carefully,in order to help customers increase efficiency

Quality Control
Weichuang is focused on the quality assurance since established.Our brand influence is improving by strict quality management and control,and leads the development of bearings rolling element dies and tooling with 20 years technical innovation. Now we have a complete quality management and control system, which can monitoring raw materials purchasing,process,delivery,quality statictics,performance test and others.


PatentInterroll Tapered Roller manufacturers

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