Aluminum Polyester Lamination Foil suppliers

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Hangzhou Ding He Aluminum-plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Our company was founded in 2011, whose predecessor Lin'an Xudong Aluminum Foils Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001. We are located in Lin'an which is the hometown of King Qian, in the northwest of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province. Our company is specialized in producing aluminum foil laminates and integrates scientific research, new product development, manufacturing, sales and export into one. Our main products are Aluminum PET tapes, PET tapes,Metallized PET tapes , PVC films, aluminum foil tapes, etc. The products are not only sold well in the major cities in China but also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Australia and other countries and regions. We also provide OEM services for a number of well-known brands at home and abroad and have received high praise from users.

Production Equipment
Laminated machine ,Slit machine, drying oven                                        Aluminum Polyester Lamination Foil suppliers

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