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Surgical Fixing Tape (Non-woven)
Fixing Tape ( Non-woven) is made of spunlaced non-woven fabric, coating with medical hot melt or medical acrylic adhesive, it is a good product as a second fixation dressing.
Advantages of Medical Surgical Fixing Tape (Non-woven):
1.There are 3 kinds: basic, water-rejective and water-proof. The basic item is made of spun lace non woven fabric; the water-rejective is made of composited material.
2.Good viscosity, no wrinkle, and mild peeling off. No adhesive left, and no hurt on the skin.
3.There is linear type incision cutting on the release paper, easy to peel off.
4. Many sizes are valid.Non-woven Wound Dressing factory

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