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Double coil hot plate iron steel 1000w+1000w with CE ROHS  approval
Products Specifications:
Hot plate Diameter140mm+140mm
MaterialIron Steel
Colour availablewhite,black,coffee,slivery,ect.
Product approvalCE RoSH
CTN Size84*28*45cm, 12PCS/CTN

ceramic hot plate cooking Body
1.Painted common Steel Body.
2.Rectangle shape.
3.Weight of the product about 1.5kg
4. 5 step switch ( automatic switch on and off ) moving from minimum temperature to maximim temperature. switch color has to be black.
5.Red Light indicator in front by the side of the switch
6. Stainless steel Ring around burner.
7. Length of product 45cm , width 22cm, Height 7cm.
8. Burner diameter 14cm.
9.two cooking plates
10various heat operations
11.on/off indicator light
12.One auto-thermostat
1,Professional and practical designs.
2,Cast iron heating plate, high temperature resistant surface treatment.
3,The automatic temperature control.
4,Heating, insulation durable indicate lighter, over-temperature protection device
Operating rules:
Electric rotary switch knob, there are five position adjusting furnace temperature will switch to the appropriate position to achieve the required temperature of electric furnace, when not in use, set the switch to "0" / "off" position and pull out the plug.
Notes: The indicate lighter will turn off when the furnace reaches the setting temperature, when the temperature is lower than setting temperature, the lighter will turn on automatically, cycle work, automatic heating.
Safety Precautions
1. Can not unattended using.
2. When heated, do not touch the hot surface of the disc.
3. Do not use an electric furnace immersed in water or other liquids inside.
4. The furnace is heated to cook food, when cooking, cookware must be put on the heater.
5. When the furnace is not used, be sure to switch to the "0" / "off" position and pull out the plug.
6. When using an electric furnace, there shall be no any other mess around the product within 30 cm distance which will cause blockage of ventilation and dangerous.
Plug Wire
1. 2 or 3pin plug, white or black color -
2. Wattage 2000w, 110v or 220 v, 50 hz.
3. Insulated wire 1.0m length
1.Painted steel cover.
2. Quality certification badge at the bottom.
3. Rubber stand size 1.5cm high to four corners of the bottom.
Inner Packing
1. Inner packing should include bubble  packing support to guard against sudden fall.
2. Instruction manual in each set
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Contact Information:
Mobile:+86 15958950312
Web:www.ykweyoung.comElectric Stove suppliers China

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