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Biomass briquetting plant?
Because of the fast increase of energy demand and skyrocketing price of traditional fuel like coal and natural gas, more and more people tend to be concerned about solid biomass fuel production. Solid biomass fuel is a kind of renewable, clean and environmental friendly energy source for many countries, especially agricultural countries.
It utilizes forestry and agricultural residues as biomass raw materials to produce biomass briquettes, biomass pellets or charcoal briquettes with different diameters.
biomass briquette plant(samll type)
For different raw materials, the briquetting plant processes are different. We will design the complete briquetting line according to your actual requirements and configure necessary equipments. Below is a detailed biomass briquetting plant flowchart.
biomass briquette machine flowchart
Materials to Biomass Briquettes
biomass materials
Biomass raw materials: wood, branches, rice husk, bamboo shavings, wood shavings, peanut shell, sunflower husk, sugar residue, lees, bagasse, coconut shell, coffee grounds, corrugated carton, straw, sawdust, cotton stalk, tobacco waste, mustard stalk, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, wheat stalk, palm fruit shell, soybean bran, rice husk, and other forestry or agricultural wastes.
Final Biomass Briquettes
Biomass Briquettes and Pellets
Drum ChipperHammer MillGrinding Machine
Type: GC-BX315
Power: 45 kw +7.4kw(Belt conveyor)
Capacity: 3000-6000 kg/Hr
The chipper has two knives. Max diameter of fed wood logs is 200mm. Length of finished product is 10-15mm. Discharge belt conveyor is also the feeder for hammer mill. There is magnet device to separate potential metal material.Specifications:
Type: 420B-7.5
Power:7.5KW(electric motor)
It's used for cutting large pieces of material around30mm into smaller pieces of 2-5mm, making the material suitable for briquetting or pelletizing .Specifications:
Type: GC-FSC2000
Power: 90kw +15kw
Capacity:2000-2500 kg/h
The hammer mill is for grinding the wood chips be powder of 3-5mm, which is right size for briquetting or pelletizing. It's suitable for raw material with diameter not more than 50mm and 10%-25% moisture content.
Drying Machine
Type: GC-MXФ2.0×12
Processing ability: 2 ton/h
Remove water ability:2.3ton/h
Moisture requirement: 50%-15%
Operator: 3 persons/ shift
Floor space:120 square meters
Description: It is a process of getting powdery and granular dry products through evaporating water from the wet biomass materials when transporting and scattering the high speed hot air flow. Making the materials suitable for briquetting or granulating.
Mechanical Stamping Briquette Press Screw Briquette Machine
Pellet Machine
Usually the briquette press shall be chosen depending on your raw material and the final products you need (whether charcoal briquettes, wood briquettes, or pellets, etc.).
If you need to produce large diameter briquettes or small diameter pellets for industrial burning or for sale, you can choose mechanical stamping briquette press.
If you want to produce charcoal briquettes or hollow biomass briquettes for burning or for sale, you need screw briquette machine. What you shall notice is that, if you want to make charcoal briquettes, your briquetting plant shall be installed with charring equipment (carbonization furnace). See specific information of charcoal briquetting plant.

Pellet production line
Having been focused on high quality briquette machines for over 20 years, Dayang Briquette Machinery is now well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of biomass briquetting plant. Except for advanced equipment, we also have a group of professional and experienced engineers at your service. Under strict quality control system, we warmly welcome you to buy competitive price biomass briquetting plant with us.China briquetting plant equipment manufacturers

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