China Medium Frequency Heating Furnace Equipment

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In the machinery industry, the heating of the metal workpieces is an indispensable process technology in some workpieces. Some workpieces require end or partial heating and heat penetration. For example, the end surfaces of standard parts, bar stocks, etc. are heated and penetrated by heat. U-bolts Local heating is also required. Steel plates, steel towers, etc. require localized heating; some work pieces such as square steel, round steel, bar stock, steel balls, steel plates, etc. require diathermal heating or heating, and these heating processes are performed for the next step of forging. In preparation for bending or bending, each user has different requirements for heat treatment for each workpiece, so the process technology is also different.
Square steel and round steel diathermy furnace equipment main features: adjustable power, induction heating, fast heating speed, high efficiency, large-scale energy-saving power saving, intermediate frequency series can install infrared thermometer, temperature is more easily controlled, heating range , Applicability, only metal induction heating, safer, more environmentally friendly!
Fang Gang and round steel thawing furnace equipment main advantages:
1. Ultra-small size, mobile, covering only 2 square meters, convenient for use with any forging and rolling equipment and various tooling;
2. installation, debugging and operation is very convenient, a school that will induction heating, so that the bar in a very short period of time to heat to the desired temperature;
3. greatly reduce metal oxidation, both material and improve the quality of forging;
4. heating φ12-100/15kg of round steel, square steel, bar material and other hot through forging, more heat, more uniform, more rapid, the fastest one second can reach the desired temperature; than SCR intermediate frequency province Electricity 30%.
5. 24 hours of continuous work ability;
6. automatic feeding power, environmental protection, reduce costs and labor costs to facilitate the replacement of the furnace body, in order to adapt to the overall requirements of the bar heating or end heating;
7. using IGBT super audio induction heating power, and the traditional intermediate frequency power supply is very different.China Medium Frequency Heating Furnace Equipment

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