Shandong Polymers Additives Co. Ltd

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Shandong Polymers Additives Co. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturer of PVC additives and compounds in china.
Product range:
Ca-Zn Stabilizer & Lead Stabilizer
Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE)
Acrylic Processing aid
PVC lubricants
PVC One pack Compound
What makes us outstanding?
A:Higher automation , lower labor cost.
B:Fully automated control system.
C:Fully automated production system.
D:Fully automated packing system.
E:Comprehensive quality test and control system:
The quality will be consistent as the first batch.
F:Comprehensive customer service system.
G: Customer complaints and Problem closed system
H: Continuous Innovation and technical support.
We are a group company which covers R&D, production, marketing and technical service. Seeing is believing. Please feel free to visit our plant.
We got 2 doctors,8 masters, totally 37 staffs for QC,QA and R&D.
Over 50 test facility in R&D center.
Such as Extruder for testing, Gas Chromatograph, Gel Permeation Chromatograph, Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Particle Size analyser, Gloss meter, Colorimeter,Compression Molder and Opening Double Roll Mill and so on.
Organization structureChina CPE 135A Resin For WPC

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