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Lifter for Fruit and Vegetable In Food Machining Line with Stainless Steel Type、plastic Type and Spiral Type in China
UNVS-L Series Conveying Machinery
●The Material of Driving and Driven Belt Seat Bearings: Stainless Steel or Ordinary Material.
●Used for Lifting and Conveying Raw Materials with Capacity of 0.5 ~ 20T/h.
●Applicable to Conveying of Fruit and Vegetable raw materials.
Technical Parameters
Model Machine TypeEffective Width(mm)Ascending Angle(°)Single Drive Long(M)Capacity(T/h) Conveying SpeedPower(Kw)Materials
UNVS-CPStainless steel chain plate type   lifter300-15005-60120.5-600-200.55-22304
UNVS-EPEngineering plastic chain plate   type lifter200-12005-60100.5-500-200.37-18.5304&PE
UNVS-PSPolyester net and stainless   steel chain plate type lifter250-12005-60100.5-500-200.37-18.5304&Polyester   mesh
UNVS-SSStainless steel spiral type   lifterScrew diameter:Φ100~Φ6005-45150.5-800-200.55-37SUS&304
If you're interested in the lifter for fruit and vegetable in food machining line with stainless steel type、plastic type and spiral type in china, welcome to buy with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of its good performance, high accuracy and high safety.Belt lifter conveyor factory

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